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What to Expect

Not sure what to expect at a Boudoir Photography session?


Shave your legs, arms and bikini area (if needed) Hydrate! Drink lots of water the day prior for healthy, glowing skin on the day of your session.

Apply moisturizing lotion all over your body, hands, feet and face. Wash and conditioner your hair the night before so it’s dry and all ready for your session. Lastly, get a good nights sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and rested for the day of the shoot!


Wear something comfortable to relax in during your makeover session. For example: yoga pants and a button up top. Preferably something stretchy, a top that unzips or buttons up so your hair and makeup don’t get smashed or smeared. Tight clothing prior to the start is a no-no. You might even opt not to wear any underwear because you
do not want any unnecessary marks on your body 😉

Wash and dry your face so it’s clean and bare. Only apply non-tinted moisturizer. Bring your wardrobe with your accessories, undergarments, shoes and jewelry. Arrive promptly so my stylist can get started with your makeover session.


Sexy, sensual, fun, flirty, feminine or elegant – choose outfits that display your unique personality and beauty:
Hosiery, Thigh highs with garters, Lingerie slips, Nighties, Negligees, Silky Robes, Lacy Bra’s and Panties, Corsets,
Ear rings, necklaces and bracelets are crucial to the look for your session so please bring what you have.
Bare feet with polished toes plus a couple pair of your favourite sexy heels.
Free access to our extensive client wardrobe…we have lots of fur coats, nighties, lace masks, stilettoes, boots & jewelery…check out our catalogue during your pre-consultation.


The session will start with a brief consultation with our Professional Make Up Artist – Monique from Hollywood Brides – to get an idea of your skin type as well as any specific concerns that she will need to pay attention to. And everyone loves long lashes so Monique will normally add a pair of false eye lashes to complete your look. I also love to offer a glass of bubbly to my clients as it can sometimes take the edge off any nerves you might be feeling. I have gorgeous sexy music playing to help you get in the mood of being a super sexy super model for the day! Then it’s all about YOU!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What can I expect to spend at my Viewing and Ordering Session?

    Some women come to me and just want to purchase an album or a folio box, others come to me and want it all and invest several thousand. It is totally up to you. We can organise an interest free payment plan to help you purchase what you’d really love to have.

  • Q: How long does it take to get the albums and prints back?

    Any physical products you purchase, such as an album or wall art, will be available for collection approximately 6 weeks after your viewing session. The Folio boxes will be available for collection approximately 3 weeks after your viewing session. Any digital files you purchase will be sent to you via Wetransfer approximately 2 weeks after your viewing session.

  • Q: Do you offer Pre-Session and Post-Session Payment Plans?

    Yes! We offer both Pre-Session and Post-Session Interest-free Payment Plans. The further out you book your session, the longer you have to make payments towards your purchase. You can make payments monthly, fortnightly or weekly depending on how you would like it to be set up! It’s super simple and easy.

  • Q: How can I pay for the Session Fee?

    We accept cash or direct transfer. Please note that the the session fee is non-refundable and payment is due in full before your session.

  • Q: I have never posed before. What do I do?

    Don’t worry! It’s not your responsibility to know what to do in front of the camera! As your photographer, I will take control and guide you through how to pose and move throughout the shoot.

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