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Luxury boudoir photography in Brisbane

My studio is the blank canvas and your attitude, mood and clothing are my painting. I click the picture to add elegance and attitude to your photographs. Boudoir photography is all about a woman in her solitude so I want you to feel comfortable and at your best. It’s all about attitude, comfort, and expression.  This is what I am here to help you with.  I believe that my clients need to be given that space to help them feel comfortable so that I can portray them in luxury boudoir photography in Brisbane. If you feel that you are a little insecure to come to the studio and start posing, you can pay a visit prior to the shoot to feel relaxed in this safe environment. This is why I do a pre-consultation so we can go through the props, lingerie and style of the shoot before we start shooting.  I have an extensive wardrobe especially for my clients to use….it is full of teddies, nighties, wraps, robes, furs, and lingerie, plus I have so many pairs of stilettos and boots that you won’t need to bring anything at all.  This is also a great time to go through our amazing products and see what you love the most.  Why choose me for your luxury boudoir photography session in Brisbane? Because with over 15 years of experience in capturing the beauty of women I can assure you I will help you feel comfortable and achieve amazing works of art of you feeling great in your own skin.

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